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I am on a late 2009 Imac with Sierra (10.12.16)
I just purchased aaltoverb, i can load it in Logic x but GUI then is not showing up.
Also, after loading the plugin, logic won't quit with the keyboard shortcuts (command and Q) but only by choosing the quit from the logic menu.
Any ideas or help?

quoting from the AaltoVerb page:
"and relies on recent technologies like Metal on MacOS[…]"

your late 2009 iMac is afaik not metal compatible

check mojave compatible mac models
afaik those are also the metal compatible ones

@toumpouris I think we sorted this out by email. I'm sorry Aaltoverb can't work for you right now. Please stay tuned. I do plan to add support for older Macs to the framework if possible.

I have the same problem. I can't wait to abandon Apple after almost 40 years as a customer, because of this kind of thing. It's getting ridiculous now. If Apple is going to make us people with other machines have to buy new hardware to support really small incremental software changes, I'm out. Their new hardware isnt worth 1/100'th what they are asking for it (bad design, bad manufacturing, no accountability and responsibility).

Hopefully you'll have Altoverb (and any new software) backwards compatible and no fall into the Apple trap too.

@plexus I'm definitely going to sympathize with you. I wish Apple had just decided to make a fast implementation of OpenGL on their new hardware instead of killing it.

On the other hand I'm liking the performance boost from Metal.

I'm going to take a look at adding a runtime switch that would let me bring up an OpenGL interface to support older computers

Hi, have you had a chance to look into this at all? I am also running a setup with High Sierra, in a Mac that can not be upgraded, and would like to use my Aaltoverb in that setup...

Hi, this is on my list but I haven't had a chance to get to it. There's a chance I can sneak it into an Aaltoverb update that's coming soon. But if it turns out it's not a quick thing, it will have to wait until after Sumu ships.