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I'm having this weird bug where my Aalto demo (1.8.3) and Kaivo (full version) crash when I click the micro-tuning drop-down menu. When I click the menu sometimes it doesn't respond, sometimes it loads and sometimes it crashes Ableton (10.0.5)

Has anyone had this issue? It's driving me bananas!

There have been some crashes that revealed themselves in more recent versions of Ableton Live and it sounds like you are experiencing that. Sorry for the frustration.

I'm just about ready to release an upgrade to both plugins. Currently squashing some final issues with Kaivo. Aalto should be fixed. You can try the Aalto installer: (Mac) (Win)

I've now deployed the release to the main product pages.

Hey Randy, I'm still having the issue. I click on the micro tubing drop down menu in the Aalto demo and it sometimes works but more often than not, it crashes. Have you encountered this issue yourself? It's make it impossible to get any work done using Aalto/Kaivo and I miss them a lot.

with Aalto 1.8.5? Are you still using Live 10.0.5? What OS version?

No I haven't seen any crashes like this. Next time you get one please send a crash log.