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Is there a reason, why the dry and wet knob between body and output only has 10 discrete steps? The ones between resonator and body seem to be continuously. Even Shift doesn't do anything with these two.

That's not something I've experienced. What OS and host are you using? I can try to reproduce.

Kaivo 1.8.3 VST.64
Host: Ableton Live 10.0.5
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium (6.1.7691 with Servicepack 1)

Looks like it's the UI as when I automate both values the sliders of Live give me 10 times smoother values with two decimals (0.xx). Also the knobs in the UI move smother, when I adjust them via host automation.

Another thing I noticed: when you use host automation and set the value to 0 or 1 in the host and then double click on the knob in the UI, the host automation is not updated to 0.5. It is updated, if the value is any other than 0 or 1. This also applies for the other dry wet knobs, so it's probably not related. I just found it while testing.

I recorded it, so it's easier to see: video on google drive

With the other "Kaivo becomes noisy" issue that I mentioned with the patches that I posted - I'll try to reproduce this as well with some more detailled documentation.

I recorded some audio and captured the output visualisation of the distortion. Some voices are getting worse, so playing the same note causes different levels of distortion.

zip with example files

As the bug seems to appear gradually, it's hard to reproduce for me quickly. It may be due to having Audacity (version 2.2.2) running at the same time. I'm testing if the issue does not appear when it's not running, now.

Ok, it's not due to Audacity. Looks like playing the organ patch Kaivo degrades regardless of other software running.

I'd have to test other patches.

By the way: without limiter in Kaivo the burst of noise when you switch patches is more than +80 db. Seems liks the Synth gets quite angry :)

There shouldn't be any noise switching patches, so I"m wondering if it's related to the other noise you are experiencing. I'm sort of on vacation until the 2nd and will investigate soon. Thanks for your patience.

Yeah, usually there is no noise when you switch, only after the instance got "degraded" and you also heard the noise when playing. It's almost like it's gathering some "electricity" which first causes increasing noise when playing and unloads when you switch. It also looks like the noise is gone after those bursts.

Enjoy your vacation, no need to rush into bug fixing.

Any chance, that this bug gets fixed as well? With 1.8.4 the last dry/wet knobs and the tilt only work in steps, not smoothly when moved in the UI. Host Automation works with smoother settings, but it's a bit tedious to set up controllers in Ableton just to edit something that's basically there.