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have rediscovered Aalto when looking for synths that can create completely ADSR-envelope free sounds, just by manually modulating e.g. per-voice volume via xyz inputs. (The list becomes frightened short if you want that).

Not sure whether a bug or a feature - at least unexpected to me:
When modulating volume level with aftertouch instead of the adsr I get some odd noises when playing polyphonically.
Here a video:

  • Fist I make sure that MPE mode is enabled (it is).
  • Then play some notes with the default preset - works as expected
  • Then the same when pressing an arbitrary additional note with the left hand while repeating the note sequence from above on top (so we have two concurrent voices). Also works as expected
  • Now I disconnect the ADSR from volume level and connect aftertouch instead
  • When playing a single-voice sequence it still works as expected
  • If I press another note (so we have two concurrent voices) the sound gets distorted though.

Naively I would have expected that the voices are independent. So is this a bug or just an Aalto behavior I don't understand yet?

Thank you for taking the time to make this clear example. This certainly seems to be a bug with the MPE handling. I'm currently working on this very system and hopefully I'll have a fix to try soon.

What kind of controller are you using? I'm just curious.

Thanks for looking into this!
Currently am using some Sensel Morphs. (Also have an Eigenharp and a Seaboard).
Soundplane (and Linnstrument and Continuum) are also awesome, had a chance to play them some time ago.
Just dreaming about a Soundplane B, (C, D?) with an internal sound engine like the EaganMatrix, that is longer, so it can alternatively be played as a xyz plane over 4-8 octaves - and it's still less expensive than the Continuum. Sweet dreams... :)

The Model B will be more refined but not have an internal sound engine. Maybe down the road!

Sure, looking forward to see the B! Even if just for admiration (cannot have all those instruments personally :) )

Would be interesting how an electronic instrument would be perceived that has just one (distinct, expressive, diverse) internal sound - like an acoustic instrument's sound is inherently part of the experience and expectation. Then people also wouldn't say "synth sound" when hearing a performance with that instrument but "ah, nice instrument X solo"!
Finding such an awesome "signature" sound might not be easy though - the curse of options :)

Of course having any sort of sound engine begs the question of why aren't there more sounds! I think just a few really solid ones might be a sweet spot though. Like some old analog synths that had 8 presets or whatever.

If you can come up with eight signature realm sounds then hats off!

I'm still struggling to find/make just one :)
(Looking for something that can be played rhythmically with short attack, slowly raise from silence and evolve the tone like a bowed or blowed instrument, that can sound harsh, majestic or sing beautifully. Tricky, particularly with three control dimensions... Haven't given up yet though :) )