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I use Aalto 1.8.3 in Cubase 9.5.3 (Win7 x64) and I have a problem with the Host mode of the Aalto sequencer. Whenever I press Start in Cubase, Aalto's sequencer starts from beat 1 - even if Cubase isn't on beat 1 of the bar.

Why is it doing this and how can I fix it to follow Cubase's bar/beat position ? I'd have thought that was default behaviour.

Aalto's sequencer will start on the first note whenever the host clock starts. It synchronizes to the nearest beat (1/4 note.) So if you want it to stay in sync with your track you will have to start playback on the one, in general.

This is by design—it's a simple tool more like a modular looping sequencer than a score-based one.

Hmmm .... OK. Well as it happens Cubase can snap locator position to bars, so that it always starts on beat 1, so I already tried that and it makes no difference. Aalto's sequencer is still starting in a different place each time, even if I always play from beat one of a bar.

That's weird. Are you possibly modulating the start point of the sequencer somehow in the patch? Because otherwise it should be totally repeatable.

What happens if you start from every time? Does anything change?

I'm using a preset called 'Rising Sun' and I wouldn't even know how to modulate the start point ... I would have sent you a screenshot of the patch but I can't see how to add attachments to a thread. Anyway starting from zero every time still gives much more predictable results, though not 100% exactly the same every time unless I'm mistaken.

You can email me at support @ if you like.

If you start from the default patch, which has no patch cords going into the sequencer, and just set the int/host toggle to host, you'll have a simple patch that should track the clock repeatably.