ForumsSoftware ← Can't get Kaivo or Virta to work in Live 10

Some presets are just silent, some don't sound like they sounded in Live 9 (or maybe I'm wrong, not 100% sure), and some of my older songs sounds aren't loading.

Tried that with the latest beta and with a stable version too. Any idea about what to do?

Virta also doesn't seem to load patches from the old projects. Let me know if any more precise info is needed.

I'm on OSX 10.13.2 if that matters.


Make sure you have Live 10.0.3. The 10.0.2 release is known to be buggy. See a rant thread here:

You can also try the VST plugins if you are using the AU ones currently.

If you are still finding problems please let me know more specifics. Which patches are not working? If it's a factory one you can tell me or if only your own just copy as text and paste it here.