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I have just recently discovered that it is possible to load a kbm file when loading a scl file. This is great news!
Randy, since you seem to be rewriting the Scala part of Aalto, I would like to suggest that you let the user load a kbm manually for each Aalto/Kaivo instance. The reason for my request is that this will make it possible to have different sessions with the same Scala tuning but in different keys (not possible with the way it is made now).
Thanks !

I can look into adding some kind of expert UI for this. As a workaround I would suggest just making a duplicate of your Scala tuning like "MyAwesomeTuning_A432.scl" and an associated .kbm.

You are correct, it should work that way. But then it sort of cancels the point of having a general scale file + a dedicated file for keyboard/mapping, as you end up with two files anyway, each time you change key...

I understand that microtuning is not a priority. However, in the perfect world, I would have also liked to be able to look for both .scl and .kbm in other folders than the predefined Madrona folder. You see, other VSTi's use microtuning, and copying tuning files sometimes is cumbersome.

Anyway, thank you again for you work, I think both Kaivo and Aalto are some of the very best sounding Vsti's out there.

Randy, I have sent you an email with an example of a kbm and a scl file. I cannot tune a simple scale in D, it does not work correctly in Aalto. From other messages, I understand that microtuning is broken in Madrona Labs softsynths?

I have finally managed to load a correct scale in the correct key, in Aalto. Though it only seems to work when setting the reference frequency for the A note of the scale. You can not for example enter the frequency of the root note of the scale, it does not work properly in this case.

Thanks for sending the example and the additional comment. Hopefully this helps me track it down ASAP. Apparently some scale+kbm combinations are not working. I'm taking a look at this today. It's the same code in all of the plugins so if it's not working in Aalto there's no need to try it in Kaivo and so forth.

you probably know this site already:

Many articles about .scl and .kbm problematic with softsynths.

I am sorry to say i am still having issues just to play mohajira-to-slendro in D. I am now leaving Madrona synths out of my music until the problem is cured.
Xen-arts synths microtuning works correctly for me. It uses .mts files.
TAL-sampler and TAL-mod microtuning also now works correctly. It uses .tun files.
Mts and tun files are both easily created with the Scala software.

OK, I hear all this and am sorry you can't use my instruments right now. I'm eager to fix this situation.

Bumping this thread to show that, in 2021, I'm still having the same issue, with loading Eikosany tunings from Sevish (compared to any other microtonal vst I have). Not only are they not keymapped correctly, but they don't actually seem to be in tune at all. Hoping this gets addressed :(

Hey, after a lot of troubleshooting with Randy (thanks again for your responsiveness!), I've found the source of all the confusion regarding how Aalto/Kaivo microtune.

I'll spare the details and jump to the conclusion - as it currently is, Aalto/Kaivo aren't following the "official" standard of how to tune a .scl file in absence of a matching .kbm file. Essentially, the main "issue" is that Aalto/Kaivo are starting with "A4" as the "root note" of the scale, whereas the official standard is to start from "C4". They are also basing the tuning of the scale on making A4=440, when the "official default" method is to tune C4=261.625565 instead.

I've let Randy know about this, but in the meantime, you can easily adjust the behavior to match your other plugins by using a .kbm file with the same name as your .scl file - the important part of the .kbm file is here:

! Middle note where the first entry of the mapping is mapped to:
! Reference note for which frequency is given:
! Frequency to tune the above note to

If you use the above in your matching .kbm file, these plugins should be "in tune".

I hope this helps anyone in the same boat I was :)