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Do Aalto and Kaivo react to the MIDI message c=123, v=0 for "All notes off"?
I am trying to build a patch in Usine Hollyhock and I have a problem with stuck notes even though I send this message to end all notes.
I found this site that describes the "All notes off" message :
My patch works without stuck notes with other Vsti's such as TAL-sampler and Xen-FMTS2.
Thanks a lot !

I have solved the problem in my patch by sending 128 note off messages. So it seems indeed Aalto and Kaivo do not react to the "All notes off" command. However this is suboptimal in terms of memory/CPU resource. My guess is that some stuck note issues mentioned in this forum come from this lack of reaction. Could this be added to the next version of both plugins? By the way,they are amazing ! Thanks for your work!

Thanks for the follow up. I'll make sure that the plugins can respond to the "all notes off" message in the future.

Maybe more importantly, I would like to fix the stuck notes condition. If you are able to describe how to get a stuck note so that i can reproduce it, I will investigate. I could try installing Usine Hollyhock and running your patch. I've never used this program before so if you have time please break it down into the simplest thing that will cause the problem!

Randy, thank you for your reply. I have two Usine sessions for you, one with and one without stuck notes.
Please note in my patch it is "normal" that "all notes off" is required as I switch between two presets of a midi note generator called Mozys VST. So the only annoying thing is that Aalto does not react to the 123/0 CC midi message.