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Damn. looks like whatever you did to optimize the GUI has caused incompatibilities with LIVE 7.018 (and also plogue bidule au/vst)

basicially you load Aalto, open the gui, and you can't interact with it at all. no preset changing, no parameter tweaking. if you use ableton's own gui to control the parameters - you can see the GUI animate accordingly.

Smells like cocoa shenanigans...

Hope it's not insurmountable...

ps: aalto is crashing ableton live 7.018 on exit every time


Shee-it. I take it you were using 1.1 previously and it was OK? I can help you get 1.1 running again, with its presets, if you run into any problems.

I don't know if there were any update Live 7 release after the one you have, but you might try applying those if you haven't. And, of course, Live 8 is finally working OK... but I know that costs money.

I hate to say this, but figuring out Live 7 problems is not going to be a high priority. I want to help but I'm trying to be realistic about what I can do, and there's only one of me.

Foiled again. Curse you cocoa!

so what do I need to know about reverting back to 1.1 (yep, GUI worked A-OK) along with it's presets ?

I suppose it can't co-exist with 1.2 either (as I use other daws that aalto 1.2 is working fine in) ....

I got no interest in Live 8 unfortunately, avoiding it like the plague what with stability being my most treasured attribute in a DAW.
I'm holding out for Live 9 ... which is I'm sure where the lion's share of their dev resources are focused now anyway.

I can understand working on Live7 issues is not a priority of yours. No sweat. it's a pity, fucking cocoa!

Before we try some weird things, what about using the VST instead of the AU in Live?

If that doesn't work, you can manually put your 1.1 component back along with its presets and everything should be fine. 1.1 will NOT load 1.2 presets. Though the reverse works, obviously.

I guess 1.1 and 1.2 wouldn't coexist well because of the presets issue unless you were very careful.

Nope, VST exhibiting the same behaviour...

rolling back to 1.1