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ever thought about offering your plugins as rent to own?

Sadly, this would be kind of complicated and I haven't heard a lot of demand for it.

ive bought serum and sylenth like this and its really handy.

Thanks for the info, I'd not heard of that so I'll check into what they do.

serum is through splice and requires a little app to run but sylenth is just a recurring paypal payment (and online background licence checks)

i love aalto but i've never quite been able to afford your other plugins (or feel enough love running the demos to prioritise their purchase).. if they were offered like this id insta-buy... and i think a lot of other people would too

thanks for showing some interest ;)

The Serum plug-in was the first one to do this, I believe. For what it's worth: I never would have bought Serum had it not been for the option to rent-to-own (of course, it's more expensive than the Madrona plug-ins).