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I just did fresh installs of all Madrona Labs instruments and all my preset and sample folders appear to be empty. any way to get a download of all the defaults posted so I can add them manually?

not sure why I'm having to do this but I can't figure out any other way to fix the issue...
my apologies if this has already been posted

If you have not updated in some years, the samples / presets location may have moved. Long ago it was all in /Library/Application Support/Madrona Labs... and now everything is in ~/Music/Madrona Labs. This is for Mac. For Windows it's /Appdata/Roaming/Madrona Labs.

You didn't say what OS you are on. Either way, the defaults should be installed to the correct place when you run the installer. If these didn't show up, maybe the installer had an issue with permissions. Please send me the OS info and maybe I can think of something else to try. Did the Madrona Labs folder get created?

I'm in the newest OS high sierra now, fresh installs of all software in the last two weeks. I have had to authorize permissions to create other folders in the library. I have not seen the correct folders in the locations they are supposed to inhabit. I will loosen security permissions, reinstall, and report back. thanks!

OK, this is something I need to look at, it seems likely that High Sierra is changing how permissions affect the installer. I'll add this to my list for this update. Thanks for the info and please do keep me posted.

I copied and pasted the folder into the right location (~/Music/Madrona Labs), it had defaulted to the earlier location (/Library/Application Support/Madrona Labs) when installed. it appears that for some reason when I installed the applications, it placed the files in the wrong spot. the strange thing was that there was also already a folder in the correct location but all the folders contained within it were empty. perhaps an anomaly due to the fact that this is a 2013 MBP that I've been setting up from scratch that had defaulted to 10.8.5 and was having permission issues from the get-go regarding the OS upgrade. I'm not entirely convinced it was an issue with your software. It seems more likely that it was an issue with my system. after resetting permissions and copying the folder, everything seems to have shown up nicely.