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Apologies if this is something I can figure out on my own, but I'm not finding it - is there documentation on the Kaivo / Aalto OSC API's? Ports to connect to, message format...that sort of thing?

@Randy answered on another forum, link here


it would be interesting to access plugin parameters via OSC, as well as parameter feedback to the controller/programmer. Note input would be, as usual, MIDI notes from host, MIDI clock sync from host, or OSC note input from Soundplane.

We could then build OSC-based programmers in e.g. Lemur to change parameters while playing or while playing back recorded notes, or while running a self-playing patch. Additionally, the plugins would send parameter changes upon preset change, while editing parameters with the mouse, and during DAW-automated parameter changes. Every parameter would instantly reflect on the programmer surface.

But I understand that this could be difficult to do, there may be conflicts with Soundplane inputs, etc. I just thought, after discovering this forum topic, it may be worth considering.

Thanks for the thoughts about OSC parameter access. I would really like to do it. I don't think it will be too hard. It's been on my list for a long time but lower priority than some other things people have been asking for.

it's low priority for me too. Good to know that it doesn't seem hard to do. In Harrison Mixbus it is already possible to access plugin parameters via OSC, including feedback, but it's only possible there (and in Ardour I guess). And (in Mixbus) it gets a bit complicated if the plugin is not in the first slot (although this might change in the coming months).