ForumsSoftware ← KAIVO and Aalto MIDI program change not working as expected

Kaivo 1.3.2 and Aalto 1.8.2
Logic 10.3.2 and Live 9.7.4
Macos 10.13 High Sierra

I was expecting the programs in the MIDI Programs folder to be assigned a program change number alphabetically as mentioned in the manual and various times online

However, this is not the case in either Kaivo or Aalto. The programs are assigned numbers on what seems to be an arbitrary basis. It’s not alphabetical, nor by date created/modified or in fact any other way I can find

Am I missing something, is there something further I should be dongin or is this a bug?



Sorry, I should mention I'm getting the same result using the AU and VST versions of the program

That's odd, I'll look at it. If you are not using the example patches that ship with the software, can you please zip up your MIDI Programs folder and send it to me so I can reproduce?

Thanks very much. You can find the zip file here:

If that doesn't work, can you let me have your email address?

Thanks once again


This seems to work. You can always reach me at