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I think the VOX feature of Aalto and Kaivo is so great. (I was just discussing that over on muffwiggler

Would it be possible for A and K to provide multitimbral output, by which I mean, sending each voice to a different audio track of my DAW? Right now my favorite way to 'play' a patch in either synth is to route VOX to selected parameters, vary various parameters, then increase the number of voices, building up the sound and then thinning it down.

BUT when I do this I can't have voice 4, say, all by itself. I can have 1, 1 + 2, 1+2+3, or 1+2+3+4. Oh, but what if I could have voice 4 plus just a pinch of voice 2? The very thought fills me with yearning. (Seriously.)

If I had 4 tracks of output (or 8 for kaivo) I could mix and mingle the results more flexibly than as described in the above paragraph. (You could implement something similar if you had a mixer within Aalto or Kaivo that could control the volume of each of the voices, but that would need more GUI real estate.)

Multitimbral output might increase cPU load, since I think right now all voices are mixed together before they go into the reverb (or are they? because you can route VOX to the amount of reverb for that voice, so maybe not). And it might bring other challenges I haven't yet thought of.

I wonder if anybody else would be interested in this, or if implementing it would be a huge headache, which is not something I'd like to cause.

Thanks for your consideration and, always, for these wonderful synths, which I continue to view as high water marks in VST design.


Thanks for the idea. My initial reaction is, this adds such a great amount of complexity and that's something I am trying to avoid. I wonder if there's a way to make multiple instances of the plugin work better together to achieve what you want.

I'm imagining how this could be done in a future modular environment (as always) with one KEY module and several sub-instances of the plugins. This has the advantage that you can mix Aalto, Kaivo, etc.

Currently in Aalto each voice has its own send to reverb, however they all share the same reverb.

Thanks for your response Randy. It does add complexity, but it sort of 'outsources' the complexity to the DAW. If someone wanted monotimbral output to a single audio track, the functionality of the instrument would not change. (Of course building in this option probably also adds coding complexity too.)

Could each send be routed to a separate audio track, even if that meant skipping the Aaltoverb for multitimbral output?

I think one KEY module and several sub-instances of plugins is an idea that could unleash huge possibilities. Wow. Yes, I think that would produce what I initially asked for, plus a whole lot more.

Thanks for your consideration. Please take my suggestion as just a humble "what if?" Have a good day.