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Hello there!
I'm a bit of a newbie so I'm sorry if this question is covered somewhere or it's something obvious.

I understand that Virta scales are in Scala format and there's a lot of flexibility to it, but I don't quite understand how to approach inserting Virta to my existing songs in terms of making it playing nice harmonically with a scale I already have. In most harmonic adjusting plugins they have a key and a scale selector, how do I do something similar with Virta? E.g. just making it harmonise the input into G dorian or something.

Selecting something until I like how it sounds is great, but sometimes I just want to tune in to the right scale and go from there.

Sorry again if I misunderstand anything, but manual didn't help with that too much.

Thanks guys!

You bring up an area where Virta can really be improved. I appreciate the feedback. With the current system you "can do anything" by choosing or making the right Scala files... but it's not easy to just pick, say, G dorian as you say.

I'm currently working on the code that reads Scala files to fix some bugs and make it more flexible. Then building on that foundation I can add some built-in mappings that will make it easier to select a given scale or mode without making a new file.