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Hey all,

Sorry if this is a total noobie question but I'm having issues with the tuning of Aalto.

When I play a C note I get a G. This is true for the default patch and all other patches?

Any thoughts?


Hi Richard, Aalto will play at A=440Hz by default. There's no master tune setting either (for now), so it's safe to say the issue is not within Aalto. I'd look to your DAW settings or MIDI controller or... ?

Ah.. your right. Started a new Ableton session and no problems. hmm.. must have been something up with my session.

Another quick question if that's ok.

When I modulate the pitch on Aalto, as default the dial is set to an octave. Is there a way of increasing this accurately to say 2 or more octaves. I find when I move the dial there's no display to show how far I've moved it.

Hope that makes sense.. and apologies if I've missed something obvious. Love the synth by the way.. it's totally become my go to for starting track ideas. Making techno/electro type stuff.. it always comes out with fun surprises.

the bend dial in the KEY module controls how much MIDI pitch bend will affect the pitch. Then, you can see the changing pitch signal in any dials you have it routed to, probably the complex oscillator pitch, for example.

Thanks for the nice feedback!