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I am wondering if anyone has done any work with mapping the madrona labs synths to Ableton-Push-2? I would love to know and experiment if someone has already done so. I find they are very expressive with Push2 but the parameter mapping is kind of time consuming to say the very least.



I recommend PrEditor...
this allows you to setup your own pages of controls (unlike Ableton 'out of the box')
Ive done this and find it pretty useful for a few VSTs,including Aalto.

takes about 10 minutes to setup a VST the first time, but then its done...

the end result for ML synths I find 'variable', its great for modifying a preset you already have created , since you can organise the parameters logically, but you cant change the routings so its limited for creating new patches- but I still find it very useful.

(hopefully Ableton might include something in a future version of Live, Live 10 :))