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These betas should fix a few problems that came up with the latest releases:

  • Fixed Kaivo patcher to body connection problems
  • Fixed missing runtime causing failure on some Windows machines
  • Fixed silent Virta delay on Windows
  • Fixed a pitch tracking problem on Virta for Windows

As betas, these have not been extensively tested, but they seem to work so far. If you have had troubles with the recent releases, please try these and let me know how it goes.

These betas do work with the new licensing system, as indeed all future ones will. So if you have a license and the plugin is working for you, you may keep using it without any demo restrictions.

I'm very happy to have turned these fixes around quickly thanks to the new build scripts and licensing code in the new versions. In general, you can expect to get fixes from me more rapidly and more often because of this. And I'll have more time to work on other neat stuff too.

Many thanks, Hasn't locked up since the beta on Win 10 64 Live 9.7
Merry Christmas