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Hi all - quick question, apologies if this is an obvious fix or already covered ad nauseum.

I've been using Aalto inside of max, and have a metro object driving a makenote to serve as a pulse triggering Aalto's envelope. I've found that I'm getting a fair amount of jitter though as I approach faster tempos.

Has anyone else experienced this or know of a fix? I'm using short durations for the MIDI notes so that they don't overlap, but otherwise stumped.

Could OSC be a better choice for something like this?

thanks a zillion!

Did you try turning on Overdrive ? Maybe take off the animations in Aalto too

Even with snappy envelopes it's quite tricky to monitor jitter (for me anyway) if the timing is nearly right in the 80ms interval region .. when set to 100ms plus, it's easier to gauge the consistency (unless bad) to me it seems not too bad .. but obviously when you patch with max it gets interrupted

might be worth comparing Aalto with a lean vst set with a snappy click sound

To my ears, it's not that different to the internal sequencer (env1 set to seq) (if run at the 1.5 to 2.0 rate, so circa 30>50ms midi interval even)

Great points. Thanks for the response!

I'll have to play around with it - could be as simple as a CPU thing. I suppose this is a different issue with similar symptoms, but I'm wondering how to run pulses into Aalto at audio rate from modulation sources built inside of Max.

My guess is MIDI's not built to handle it right? I've been trying to dig up some of the OSC documentation for sending in 'note events' to trigger the envelopes, but haven't had much luck thus far.

bleeps and bloops,

MIDI itself should be fine—it's all about when the messages are actually getting sent in Max. I tend to use a lot of signal-based control flow in Max. When signals break, at least you know they are breaking, but messages can kind of start degrading in performance and drive you crazy trying to figure it out.

I would use the setting "Scheduler in audio interrupt" in Max, along with a small vector size of 64 or 128, maybe. This should give the most repeatable performance with messages. Unless something in Max has changed since I used this stuff...

Hey Randy! thanks for the response and a wonderful synth.

Will definitely have to play around again with vector sizes.

A larger question for me, (and apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere) is whether it's feasible to use Aalto with a modulation system running close to audio rate in Max? (for context, I'm hoping to replicate the MN Maths or Buchla style envelopes that fire pulses/gates at the end of each cycle, driving a random generator and multi-channel panning).

If anyone else has been working this way, would be very curious to hear some success stories!

oops - just found the Aalto/Max thread. A wealth of info!

No problem, I wish searching the site were more obviously possible.