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anyone tested the Soundplane software on Sierra yet?

on my main music mac, I wont be upgrading till its stable, but Im considering upgrading my MBP since I need to test (and potentially fix) other open source software that I contribute too (mainly Axoloti and Eigenharp).

on the MBP, I only really use Live, Soundplane and a few plugins (including Aalto/Kaivo), so I'm wondering if it will 'get away with it' Id still like to be able to use these after then upgrade.

thoughts? issues? experiences?

BTW: Randy, any news on the touch tracker development ? ;)

EDIT: decided I will upgrade due to the number of other things I need to test/support, so I'll use this thread to detail my 'experiences'.


Platform: MBP / 10.12.0/ latest SP software/Live9.6.2/Aalto 1.7(osc)

  • Soundplane software appears to work, and CPU load seems similar
  • Aalto seemed ok with OSC, in Live 9.6.2

testing so far very limited, as Im doing a number of hardware devices etc, but I'll do more soundplane testing after initial round on all devices.

good news.. it looks like the USB iso issue has been fixed in 10.12... in 10.11 unplugging the Soundplane before exiting app, or the soundplane app crashing - would cause a fatal OS crash. Early testing, it appears Apple has fixed this bug - huge win for stability!

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I have yet to test with Sierra. Now that the beta of Virta is out, I will give Sierra a try.

Wow, that's exciting the USB hang seems to have gone away. There's nothing I've been able to do to affect this, which was quite frustrating.

I've been on other stuff, but the touch tracker work will get a debut soon with the next Soundplane update.

soundplane update- any idea when? Ive been working on my ARM/Beaglebone Black/Bela app - which Id like to migrate to the new tracker.
perhaps you could get the work in progress into github? last commit was over a year ago :(

(of course, I recognise the soundplane is a low priority, given its small userbase - so really just after an indication of timing... are we talking weeks/months/years? ;) )

USB hang
yeah, its seems quite reliable, though then doing the above app, I did find if the app crashed, it could still take down the whole machine - so its not a total fix, but definitely more stable.

btw: not really sure what to do about this... but you may have some ideas
the SoundplaneAppState json file cannot be read in by Max as the calibration array is too big.... perhaps it would be possible to split this up into multiple entries?

I was planning on making a calibration editor in Max, but had to abort due to the above.
I could of course write in C++, or write an max external that can handle it. but thats a 'bigger project', so is not going to happen in the short term.

I have to get these other updates out first. I guess you have seen that I am working on updating all of the plugins with a new licensing system and many other improvements. After that I can get a Soundplane update out. There's a lot going on here and only one developer. Thanks for your patience.

Please write up the problem with the Max loading and email me the details, then I'll make a ticket so I'll be sure to remember when I return to the Soundplane code.