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I recently purchased both Aalto and Virta and love them both.

However, I have been getting stuck notes in Aalto. This is happening in both Reaper and Usine Hollyhock 2.

I noticed that using a "fixed buffer" setting solved the problem in another software, although I am unable to determine whether Reaper or Usine has that setting or something approximating it. I've adjusted the buffer setting, but that doesn't seem to have an effect in either.

I'm a relative newbie to computer music in general, so I'm wondering if I'm missing something obvious.

Many thanks,

Sorry, there is a problem with the note event code. Good news is, I'm working to fix it right now and the release should be soon.

I take it you are on Windows? I only see the issue there, for some reason.

The "fixed size buffer" setting in Reaper should work around the problem. Here are some other tips in a thread:

[EDIT] I might have been thinking of Fruity Loops re: the fixed size. I just went to test it and I can't find that setting in Reaper.

Thanks for the response. I'll look forward to the new release (yes I'm on windows).

The design of this software is a wonder to behold. It sounds so unusually great and is also so inviting to experiment with and relatively easy to get a grip on for someone who is just learning about synthesis. I have really been blown away by it.

Many thanks, Steve

Unfortunately I am suffering from the same problem with hanging notes in Aalto (I am using Reaper 4.78, Windows 7, I3 with 4 GB RAM and Focusrite Scarlett).
As the workaround does not work for me (there is a bunch of options in Reaper to increase buffer, which only leads to more hanging notes, but no fixed buffer size) I am looking forward to the new release. When can this be expected? Apart from that this is one of the most amazing synths I have played so far.

I am literally working on this today. I will release an update as soon as I can.

Thanks Randy, looking forward to it :-)

Same problem—latest version of Reaper on an iMac (3.1 GHz Intel Core i5) with latest os. It happens with both MIDI and MIDI MPE using a Linnstrument. The note hangs until Aalto cycles back to the voice that is hanging.

I can't seem to find any particular pattern to the hanging—no one voice, no particular sequence to when it will hang. Two voices never hang at the same time.

OK, I'm having another look at this. It's one of only three issues I'm working on for the next release, so hopefully it won't be long.

Another bit of info—it appears to be different patch to patch. Your delicate clav patch seems to refuse to hang, but (contrary to my earlier post re. multiple voices not hanging at the same time) your mellow saw now hangs every voice.

All the patches I've made do it—face palm. I'll try some using the delicate clave as a starting point.

None of this was happening a week ago—perhaps the Reaper update did it?

Also happening in Kaivo.

Thanks for the info, I'll see if I can find a difference between patches here in Reaper. It was working for me in Reaper for the last release so I'll be sure to update Reaper and see if that changes anything.

It is possible that you had the "fixed size buffers" setting on previously but the Reaper update changed that?

It's frustrating tracking these things down and at a certain point you can find things that look like patterns where there aren't any. It's possible that a bug only causes a symptom more or less randomly, so the difference in patches or the number of voices could be just the result of randomness (leftover stuff in memory, actually), and different next time.

Randy, i also reproduced stuck notes just now in Aalto and Kaivo (181 and 131 respectively, win7 64bit vst), in both cases in default patches. Host Studio One v3, just i walk by mouse cursor at Studio One pianoroll and really some notes in some voices randomly stuck occasionally, from time to time. I can make short video if it can help.

Added: i check just now in Virta (through instrument track) - the same issue.

And, in all cases it is convenient to watch, via stuck lightbulb(s) in internal [MIDI] indicators.

Added 2: check in Ableton ive 9 - the same. (Again, via mouse+pianoroll)

But what strange, i can't reproduce stuck's if i play through "qwerty" keyboard method (which internally exist in both cases - Studio one and Live 9). Hmm..

Probably the reason in a more rapid alternation of notes at the play via mouse cursor, which is probably more stressful test :D

Thanks for the additional info. These hints may help me find a fix. The different methods may send events at different times—one is sample-accurate, for example.

New behavior—along with notes sticking, with the most recent updates (Aalto and Reaper) notes have begun not triggering.

If Aalto is in MPE and only one channel is used by the Linnstrument, notes don't stick, but notes randomly not playing occurs.

Add another channel and both sticking and not triggering occur.

I can't get it to replicate the behavior with the virtual keyboard in Reaper.

I've spent the last week working with Bitwig and haven't experienced any of these problems—but even after a week I still can't get (perhaps still don't understand how to get) Bitwig to do some routing that I easily do in Reaper, so I'd really prefer to use Madrona Labs products in Reaper.

Also, I've failed in figuring out what is meant by "fixed size buffers"—forgive the ineptness and please give another clue—?


Thanks for the update. I'll try the most recent Reaper.

The fixed size refers to the block size used when processing audio. you should be able to set this to a fixed value in Reaper's audio device preferences. I just checked it out and I don't see the "fixed" language, so sorry for the confusion. That is from FL Studio, I had it mixed up. In Reaper it looks like you want to click "request buffer size" and enter a value like 256 or 512.

Oh Joy! Oh Bliss!

Reseting the buffer as per your instruction has healed it!

Many many many thanks!