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I tried to reply to your email but it is bouncing!

You can still get the 1.0 demo here:

I don’t have the 1.0 version for personalized download, because there has been no need. Can you please try 1.0 and tell me if it gets better again? If 1.0 is better then 1.0.2 for you, I will try to find out why, and release an update soon.

Hi Randy,

Thank you for reply. I d/l 1.0 and it works fine (1.02 crashes in a few seconds).
Aalto and Kaivo work flawlessly.
I'll wait for an update, but now at least I can do some testing without crashing the DAW.


p.s. Virta 1.0 works's been a few hours and still everything is ok....

OK, glad you found my reply.

This 1.0 / 1.02 difference in Reaper is very strange and concerning. I will look into this and try to come up with an update ASAP.

Virta 1.0 works with no problem.
Looking forward for an update. :)