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Thought Id give a sneak peak on something Ive been working on...


so what is is it?

well, I always run my DAW (Ableton) full screen in a separate desktop BUT at the same time there are quite a few controls on the soundplane app I need access to, and I got a bit fed up switching desktops, and the reaching for my mouse.


Ive added a remote control interface to the Soundplane App, so that it can be controlled from other applications using OSC. (by exposing the internal parameters), its bi-directional so everything is nicely in sync.

Ive also created a small Max 4 Live device, which allows me to control it from Live. (which is what the screenshot shows obviously)

The great thing about M4L is it means I also get the control directly on my Ableton Push, so no mousing arounding, or switching screens...

... and of course, it doesn't stop there, if you want you can use Ableton Midi mapping, to assign midi controls e.g. switching quantise on/off using my Softstep pedal :)

(thinking about it, the KMC softstep could send the OSC directly to switch modes)

anyway just a start, I'm going to add switching OSC destinations, and probably layout changes too.

M4L is pretty cool, so the fun doesn't stop there... you can do things like add a M4L device to a track, so that when you switch to a that track, it can tell the soundplane app to change settings e.g. say switch active control from aalto on one osc channel to kaivo on another osc channel.

Very cool Mark, I'm glad you've taken it into your own hands to make some of these enhancements—happy to have your skills on board! I'll be releasing a new Soundplane version pretty soon and I'll be excited to try and merge in the OSC control.

thanks the change is pretty simple, your welcome to take the couple of classes that implement it, if you wish... or even just the 'idea'

btw: I suspect you could use exactly the same approach for your synths, in fact its easier as you already have the class in place.... would be nice to allow parameter changes via osc for the synths, Ive seen it requested a few times.

(though you can implement this 'fairly simply' in M4L)

I look forward to seeing the changes in the soundplane software now the 'dust has settled' on virta.