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hello I will try to be brief,windows 10 blocked setup tried as administrator got spinning blue circle, restart, wanted to download new Virta file just in case then disabled avaast virus protection still hung on spinning blue circle So third time was going to download Virta file in case I messed something up clean start etc your website wouldn't allow download I hope this doesn't mess up my account settings nor anything on your end.This time disabled Windows smart screen and avaast and it worked from previous download. I am sure many people using your wonderful software will already be aware of this however those who are not, may benefit,I believe windows 10 is getting a little more cranky in regards to quote on quote unknown publishers.

I have heard of problems with Avast before, so disabling it during the download and installation seems like an OK solution for now.

In the near future I am going to switch to a different way of displaying the license information. Then I can codesign the installers and both Mac OS and Windows will be happier.