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Ive mentioned this before (I think within another thread, so thought id break it out)

Aalto/Kaivo/Virta when saved in a DAW do not remember the midi (or osc mode) they were in when the project was saved until you open the plugin window*.

this means when you open up a project, you have to go to each kaivo/aalto/virta instance and open the plugin, before you start the project if you have saved MPE data, otherwise you get a 'noise' as the respective plugins all play in 'normal midi mode'

(it also happens with osc mode, which means if you have a 'live' set, which you use with the soundplane, you also have to do the same thing)

I know your super busy, but would be cool if you could fix this bug... having to do this every time I open my projects has got a bit tiresome ;)