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Check out this guy's blog:

Not only is there great music, but if you scroll down a couple entries from the top he's got a cool piece called "Inspirational Cats 02" which has some good words about Buchla and other related. I like his take on the idea of a distinct West Coast synthesis "sound" and tradition.

I feel like Aalto is an amazing continuation of this flavor and lineage. Really proud to be West of the I-5 right now.

EDIT: A friend just pointed out to me that half of Seattle or more is actually East of the I-5. Portland too. Sorry.

Maybe you could have said, "Boy it sure feels good to be West of the Sierra-Cascade mountain system" or something.

I'm like 15 blocks west of the I-5, so it's all good.

Thanks for linking my analogue modular synth blog here. I'm really amped to try the windows version of Aalto. It totally shares a lot of similar functions and sounds with the Buchla. It's one of the most analog sounding soft synths on the market.