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Hello together,

i just purchased Kaivo but after login at Madrona i could not see
a link with 'my Downloads' as described.
Could you please help me.
Thank you in advance

Mark Hoffmann, Germany

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your purchase. Since the emails for the PayPal transaction and your Madrona Labs account were different, the system could not find your account automatically. I added the license to your account. Now you can click ‘My downloads’ to get links to your customized software.

If you need anything else, please email me at support at I won't always see a forum post right away.

[EDIT] I tried to send you an email— it looks like your email is not working.


Dear Randy,
thank you for your quick help.

By the way - do you know a software for Windows to create
Multichannel Wav files ? I didn't find anything in the web.
Thank you in advance and congratulations for this wonderfull Plugin!
Best regards

Mark Hoffmann

I use Audacity. This readme has a short note I wrote about how to use it to make the multichannel files:

Dear Randy,
after installation and running the Patch Installer, Kaivo shows
only the 'Kaivo default' preset and none of the other sounds
i have installed.

Thank you in advance

Mark Hoffmann, Germany

On Windows, the preset files should be installed to C:/(your home directory)/AppData/Roaming/Madrona Labs. Can you see them there? If the files are there, they should appear in the preset menu. If the installer gave you no errors, I don’t know why the files would not be there. What do you see when you click the menu?

It looks like these AppData folders are now hidden by default in Windows 10. To see them, try this tip:

If the files are not there, possibly you ran the installer as Administrator, and so the files went to C:/Users/Admin/Appdata/Roaming/Madrona Labs.

Hi Randy,
I have a similar problem, I only have the default and if I click on the dropdown I only see save, save as etc. Also if I click on the Key dropdown there is 12-equal only, no other scales.

Going to the AppData/Roaming/ Madrona Labs, there are two file folders Kaivo & Scales. Within the Kaivo folder there is another folder called Samples & this is empty, as is the Scales folder.

Looking forward to your help



Hi Tim, I think I took care of you by email but if not let me know.