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I realize this may have come up already, but the forum isn't searchable, and I didn't spot a thread with anything like this in the title, so-
I'd love to be able to have other synths receive MIDI from Aalto/Kaivo's sequencer. I'm guessing there's reasons why this isn't an option, but the only option to take advantage of the unique oddness possible with the sequencer in this sense would be some sort of audio-to-MIDI shenanigans..
Anyone else have thoughts to offer?

I hear this would be cool, but to be honest it's not high on my list of features to add. The main reason is that these areas where the plugin communicates with the host are the ones that give me the most trouble. Different hosts can behave differently and require a lot of testing to get things right. The clock input is one example. Getting clock sync right across all the different hosts I'm testing on took a long time.

Meanwhile rendering out a click and triggering other sounds with it as you suggest, is a cool idea. I always prefer working in audio over MIDI anyway.

p.s. until we add a search bar you can type " mysearch" into Google.

Hi Randy

Is there anyway/anywhere that Aalto can indicate what the actual notes are that are being played in a sequence? I can probably figure it out for most simple pieces but would like a quick way to then write a part using a separate synth. I understand the 'key' options may be telling but they don't mean much to me.

This would be a workaround for the OP's question.


why not use dedicated sequencer VST (etc)?
if your on a mac take a look at Numerology 4 ( its a fantastic match to Kaivo/Aalto, its a sequencer+++ :)

I don't really do PC, so only know things that are cross-platform, in that sense, other options would be Reaktor/M4L both offer really rich sequencing options

A good reason for Aalto to have MIDI out would be to capture the crazy rhythmic things you can do with the clock and PLL sync in the sequencer. These are hard to get with any other tools I'm aware of.

As far as what notes are coming out, just listen I guess. It so depends on how the sequencer is being used that there is nothing "automatic" I can think of that would help.

N4 has the host clock, and all sorts of interesting clock manipulations...
not seen the new PLL in Aalto yet, so hard to say... Im not sure if N4 uses PLL to keep its internal clock in sync with the host, Ive asked on the N4 forum.

I have to say I don't use the sequencer in Aalto for much more than a modulator, an LFO with waveshaping (and sometimes at high rate), so quite possibly under utilising it :)