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Hi there!

I released recently my third soundset for Aalto, Electro Modular.

It is all about modular electronica, comprised with unique forward thinking sounds, it has been conceived for sound explorers and enthusiast of modular synthesis.

Electro Modular is formed by ecstatic and uplifting sequences, atmospherical and organic keys, large analog leads, intricate rhythms, industrial textures, backgrounds and futuristic science fiction effects.

You can get it here, listen the previews and try the demo patches:



Very nice sound design and demos!

For patches like "ARP Mad Sciencist" and "PER increasing feedback" it would be helpful if there were some notes, so people know that they need to turn the host clock on or whatever.

I know it would be cool to put notes in the patches themselves. I have this as an Aalto 2.0 feature.

Thanks Randy!

Yes a lot of patches need to be played with the host clock on, concretely all the ARP, PER and SEQ patches.

Yeah will be nice to have a place to put notes in the patches.