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Mostly what I do with Aalto is leave the oscillators free running, and use modulation to create moving timbres. The sequencer plays a huge role in this as I use it for all kinds of modulation, not just melodic. I then record the audio results.

Despite the fact that I have the sequencer's clock set to INT, the clock reacts to Logic's transport by freezing on whatever step it was on at the time play/record was started. If I go into GUI and click EXT-INT, the clock returns to it's normal state.

This did not happen in 1.6, There was maybe a little hiccup as the transport started but the clock instantly recovered to resume modulation as intended.

Any ideas?


Hmm. Could be something changed in what Local Pro X is sending me. I'm refining the clock code right now, so I'll have a look. Thanks for the report.

LPX 10.2.0