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Hi again,

yes I am active today.

I was just wondering why the Dx disappeared form the new Kaivo and Aalto version`s ?

Since I understood what they do I actually loved my Dx and used it in almost all my patches.

I can live without it for the sake of satbility (especially Kaivo) but I was just wondering ...

Could you please be so kind , when you have time or anybody else who knows how, to post a MaxMsp patch witch would inlude both Dx and Dy ?
I made something but my MaxMsp skills are still not so vcould so I am wondering how to do it properly.

kind regards


do you want it in max/msp? the issue is you still won't be able to use it in Kaivo/Aalto?

its pretty easy to implement.... (following assumes OSC/T3D)

  • at the start of a touch, store x (orig x=x)
  • every touch , dx=x-orig x


  • you need to do this independently for each touch, so in max you would store in a coll, or similar
  • 'start of a touch', this is a little 'tricky'. you have to use the fact when there is no touch, note = 0, so when you first see note != 0, then its a new touch.

you can actually combine the two, by storing 0.0 in the coll for a touch on note-off, and then only store X when you get a touch and coll value = 0.0

I can post a patch if you want, but Im not sure how you plan to use it... it will be no use in kaivo/aalto, so only really useful if you are using it for another synth.

anyway, let me know if its still useful to you.

Thank you so much !

I think I can make it now, with your explanation .

I want to use it in some FM synths I made in MaxMsp , simple but nice. I like the raw FM sound.

I did make some kind of Dx but it was a bit complicated .
Actually now when I look at it it is very similar to what you suggest so I am not sooo bad at it :-)

And thank you so much for what you are doing for the development of these great instruments.
Maybe I did not comment enough your work but really thank you for sharing your work.

have a nice day here from Yangon

I'm sorry to have removed that possibility temporarily in the new version. I realized I could shuffle the positions of the outputs (in the KEY module) around to make all of the patches for Kaivo / Aalto play well with Soundplane. But in doing this I had to remove the dx output.

My plan is to add a way to select the meanings of x / y / dx / dy in the Soundplane app so there will be a simple way to have it back soon. So the x output can be either x over the whole zone, x within a key, or dx, and likewise for y.

That's if I am remembering all this right... my head is in other issues now with fixing the Kaivo granulator and the upcoming plugin. But I'll return to this soon.

Thank you Randy.

Thanks for your understanding! It's bad of me to break features, and I usually work hard not to. But better compatibility between Soundplane and MIDI patches is such a big improvement I had to go for it.