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Hi Randy,

could you please make (if possible) the Y value in the client for Soundplane assignable to any value, in the MPE mode.

I have just discovered that U-HE`s Bazille has voice-per-channel operation and it works great with pitch (x) and aftertouch (z) but the Y should be MW.

I found a workaround to use MidiPipe to convert the value to MW (or I could use MaxMsp) but it would be great if it could be done directly in the client.

I wish you a nice day here form Yangon


Ive developed an 'extended' soundplane app that allows this, if your interested I could post it. it has a few other 'extras' and bug fixes too :)

I use it all the time so is stable, and is always based off the latest Soundplane app so 1.4 at the moment.

obviously, it cannot be supported by Randy, though what I do is have both my version and the official version installed. Then if I find an issue with mine I test to see if it exists in the official release.

fyi: I asked Urs @ Uhe when they would start supporting MPE, and he said once it accepted by the MMA. he didn't want to do it whilst it was a draft.
so it could be quite a while yet. (the MMA are notoriously slow, like most standards committees )

Ohh please send me the app ohh yes .

come from the modular world so Bazilla is super easy for me to use and it is actaully a great synth.

Here is my email so you can send it rastkolazic(at)

thank you so much

ok, posted details on a separate topic, in case others are interested.

MW is ModWheel? ... same as MIDI CC #1?