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Hello, Randy!

Please, can you do something with the dial controls (Aalto, Kaito and your future projects) to support Retina resolution? Here is a screenshot of the current state:

I'm not sure if it is visible enough, but the dial controls are rather blurry and pixellated comparing to other UI elements.

"Awful" seems a bit unkind. But I know what you are referring to.

The problem is, I animate the dials 30 times a second. This rendering is done in software. If I scaled up the dials to Retina resolution they would eat an unacceptable amount of CPU.

In the future I plan to rewrite the interface using OpenGL. But this is not a quick thing to get right, and I have other things to finish first.

Sorry, Randy, I don't wanted to sound rude. Just wanted to draw your attention. OpenGL sounds perfect.

No worries.