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Not sure if anyone else has been having fun with Reaktor 6, and the new modular blocks

I certainly have, and there are lots of new user blocks :)

anyway, I thought Id do my bit of the community, and publish 2 blocks which soundplane owners might be interested in:

MPE Expression - a midi polyphonic expression block for 8 voices

T3D OSC - a block supporting T3D

both pretty easy to use, create a set of voice chains as normal in Reaktor blocks, and then link P/G/X/Y/Z where you want :)

If you have a soundplane and havent tried Reaktor 6 yet... why not :)

blocks are really cool, just build patches like a physical modular synth, loads of modules, and the user library is growing at an amazing rate... link this up with a soundplane and its a fantastic playground.

its almost worth it alone, to build an 8 voice poly Monark (takes about 5 minutes!) ,that is completely controlled by x/y/z... the oscillator and filters are lovely

thanks, Mark! was just about to roll my own and then saw yours on the reaktor user library

Wonderful, Mark - I was hoping for something like this. Can't wait to give it a try. Thanks!

(UPDATE: I've already patched together some polyphonic multidimensional madness. This is a joy.)

Hi Mark:) Any videos on this?