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If you have patches made in Aalto 1.6 or before that you are using with the Soundplane, a little manual tweaking will be needed. These same instructions will be needed to go from Kaivo 1.2 to Kaivo 1.3 when that is released.

The patcher inputs from the KEY module were rearranged and a velocity output added, which has a great benefit: you can now use any Aalto patch with the Soundplane, and make new patches using the aftertouch / z output that are both MIDI and Soundplane compatible.

Here are the outputs from the KEY module using different protocols:

protocol    out1    out2    out3    out4    out5    out6    out7

MIDI        pitch   vel     vox     after   modcc   modcc+1 modcc+2

MPE         pitch   vel     vox     after   modcc   cc73    cc74

OSC         pitch   vel     vox     z       dy      x       y

OSC (old)   pitch   z       vox     dx      dy      x       y

Since aftertouch from MIDI is a lot like z from the Soundplane, patches designed for the Soundplane can now be used expressively with MIDI kayboards and vice versa.

To convert an old OSC patch, open it in Aalto 1.7, and then just grab all the patches coming from patcher input "vel" and move them to "z."

Patches don't store the input protocol they use---that information is sent by a DAW outside of the patch so that your protocol choice won't keep switching when you change patches. Unfortunately that makes it impossible to convert patches automatically for these OSC changes. I apologize for any inconvenience.