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I would like to split my soundplane to send OSC control to 2 separate instances of Aalto.

Do I have to wait until zones are implemented or is there a tricky way to do it otherwise?

Zones are currently implemented using the JSON files. You can see the examples like "30sliders.json" in the distribution that show how to make all kinds of different setups within one OSC port. But splitting touches to different OSC ports is not working.

I'm very very close to sending out an update that should have this feature working in it. There will be an example in it to try.

Good news, this is done and will be shipped as soon as I can tidy up the releases. You will need a new Aalto and Soundplane app.

Finally got a chance to work with the new zone functionality today. Thanks! its great!

Only issue that I'm having is the number of touches are accumulated across the entire instrument and not 'per-zone'. for example, if I have 2 instances of Aalto set up with 2 voices each:

zoneA -> aaltoA (2 voices)

zoneB -> aaltoB (2 voices)

then 2 touches in zoneA prevent any additional touches going to zoneB. increasing the voice count in aaltoB allows touch3 to go through and there doesn't seem to be any hierarchy with zone number. just that the number of touches across the entire instrument have to be less than the voice number in any instance of Aalto, regardless of whether those voices are being used or not.

maybe this is just the cost of doing business given the t3d protocol. but hopefully this is something that is fixable as having 2 instances of Aalto with 4 voices each really chokes up my MBP retina (which i find also odd given that an older MBP worked was able to handle it fine)

@zgoheen I know exactly what you are talking about. It's a basic problem with the way OSC / t3d voices are allocated and I didn't realize it until the zone split thing was done and I really had to move on and ship something. OSC voices have always been set up kind of like independent channels of CV / gate / etc that are always on. This model works for one Soundplane->Aalto connection but not for splits. To fix it I have to write a voice allocator for OSC like there is for MIDI. This won't be too hard so you can look for it soon.

Thanks, Randy. really appreciate your work