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Hi, I have Kaivo already, but I still need to learn it, so I better ask this question:
Can Kaivo do something like Ensoniq transwaves? My understanding is that transwaves are a series of single cycle waves (that can be harmonically related, or intermediate steps of morphing waves, or whatever way related). Say, one has 128 single cycle waves in a (trans)wave. The oscillator always runs one single cycle wave (within the series) at any time point, but the selected segment can be changed (modulated) with different sources even during a single note by LFO or mod. wheel, etc.. In other words, the starting point within the (trans)wave of single cycle waves can be modulated in steps of the length of the single cycle waves.
I don't know if it is the same as wave table or wave sequencing synthesis, but it can give very nice results if the transwaves are well constructed. , . Can Kaivo do something like this?
Cheers, Tibor

Sure, Kaivo can make very nice wavetable sounds. If you look at the oscillator samples called "sine to square" or "sine to saw" you will see an example. There are only 4 "waves" in these, which is the maximum number of different waves you can have vertically.

You can also add another axis for a vector synthesis type of oscillator. Kaivo's grains will snap to the nearest appropriate zero crossing if "sync" is on. So if you put a large number of slightly different waves going left to right, this is like a long transwave. You could just record a filter sweep or something to try it out. Probably you want all granulator settings turned on: follow, sync, and wrap.