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really like aalto aalot ;-)

There's a couple of simple requests of things I've been missing

  • A wider range for the adsrs, in particular the attack cannot go slow enough for my taste.

  • more cc control, ideally with a cc learn (I know, with cc you loose the full accuracy of aalto, but knob twisting is just so good)

  • possibility for the gate to be post-waveguide (or additional gate here)

  • a way to finetune the little modulation knobs (I can only make them do fairly coarse adjustments)

  • a possibility to tweak velocity sensitivity beyond on and off

Looking forward to 1.2!

Cheers Martin

  • wider range: OK, easy.

  • cc control: I try not to add features that are probably covered elsewhere, and it seems like every host has a way of doing MIDI learn. No?

  • gate / waveguide: again trying to keep it simple, this seemed like the best order for the two. Aalto 2 might have options.

  • finetune: yes, some help is needed here

  • velocity: added to aalto 2 list...

On the question of MIDI mapping, sometimes it's best to have a fixed map so you have one less thing that can go wrong.

Most hardware controllers can be mapped internally. Most AudioUnit hosts offer MIDI mapping, too. Between the two of those, you should always have mapping options.

If Aalto were to add mapping, then there'd potentially be three different places to check. If your maps don't work, it's best to have fewer places to double-check. When you plug into a new system, it usually helps if there aren't multiple layers of remapping.

Of course, all of the above is speaking in terms of mapping. Another question is whether Aalto would open the MIDI input device directly, without leaving the host to make that connection between a device and the AudioUnit parameters. It's probably best to keep things simple and avoid this complexity. Direct MIDI access might not work the same in every host.

In any case, I have no say in what features get added, but I did want to throw in my two cents concerning the pros and cons of these MIDI features.


I think it would be very practical to have "Prev/Next" to cycle through presets.

Maybe I am too dumb to work it out, but its not possible to modulate the gate right now, am I right?
If so, a modulating gate would be awesome!

Modulate what about the gate?

I guess I was rather unprecise - I meant the decay time of the gate. If that had an modulating point of its own, it would awesome, at least for some of my patches. But I could...trying it out...just do it with modulation on the ADSR. Ok, that works! Now I miss the facepalm smiley.

It's too hard on the CPU to modulate the gate decay, unless I figure out some optimizations. The same basically goes for everything else I didn't put a modulation knob on.