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I ve some trouble with kaivo, can't have it working with fl studio and ableton, i don't find any post about a fresh install that can't work on fl and live, any body have some problem with kaivo and this soft?

Strange because, everything was fine, and one day no kaivo, i tried to re install with no luck, always tell me "no compatible with live" or make sure it install correctly...

No way for the moment to use it,
I am sad :(

There has only been the 1.1 release of Kaivo for many months. Kaivo does not update itself automatically or anything like that. So something must have changed in your software setup there.

I don' t know what tells you "no compatible with live" , can you be more specific?

So to be precise,
"There was a problem opening kaivo_x64 for an unknow reason.please make sure it has been installed correctly"

"VST KAIVO: This plugin is not compatible with live"

The only good news is that in live 64, it works, but no in x86 live and fl

Any chance for a new update soon?
I have a yamaha EX5 at home, i've dicover FDSP synthesis, really deep, do you know it?

Vl synthesis awesome too

Any inspiration ;)

I'm doing a Kaivo update pretty soon but it's mostly for compatibility. I'll try to sneak in something fun... but not delay it too much.

I'll check into the VST issues. I did test with Live and FL before sending out. So, it could be your Live or FL version somehow. I might try deleting the DLLs, both Kaivo and Kaivo_x64, then running the installer again.