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so i just recently started using the expert sleepers plugins and hardware to control my modular synth. i have a doepfer ribbon controller and i really like it, for most uses it is good enough. but the soundplane gives me alot more control over subtle cv modulations and with the doepfer a-152 it is possible to spread the cv to several destinations without setting up a complicated and expensive polyphonic is a recording i made using the soundplane + es combo to play two richter osc II triangle waves, a borg filter and finally the trogotronic m277, a dual tube vca with lovely tube distortion:

with the prospect of a ml eurorack module i feel like a child waiting for christmas to come! it will be more than awesome!!


thank you for sharing. Like some artifact of bronze age electronics...

Awesome. Randy's eurorack module with the Soundplane is going to be ground breaking and amazing. Looking forward.