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love the Aalto...wonder to have the lfo synched to the host(logic9.0} or is it easier to pat it....
is there any information how the numbers on the various dials translates into various note length like quarters, halfs etc...
lovin' it all the way...will post a soundbite soon on my soundcloud...ear to you you soon
laugh Daniel

The LFO has no sync. but the SEQUENCER does. so, you can draw any wave you want with any number of steps and use that as LFO. each step is one 16th note. So, you can draw your quarters, halfs, etc. and more complex shapes.

AAAHHH...ok one step closer to buy the damn' thing. What amazes me is the fact that you need so less effects to make it sound real open and moving... very cool...thank you for your response...with respect Daniel