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Hi everyone
Is there any way to morph two complete different program in long time.
like 10 mins or longer that all parameters change smoothly from program
A to B?

I've found a max for live device, J74 Morph
but seems for make change in a short time,and friendly for tweak.
I think the function i need is that setting a time, and when i make programe change, it morph slowly to next program.

I'm using aalto 1.6.0 with live 9.1.3 win7 premium 64bit.
automation not working, I update to 1.6.0 today.
Besides, Kaivo's automation works great.
Anyone have the same issue?

Just Tried the pluging, very close to what i want.
It can lfo, hold, or control manually.
make sure the program's patch line connection to be the same,
and now can morphing between different version.

thanks madrona!

Kapture might be able to do this?