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ok, this is a bit of a weird one :)
Im using my soundplane with my Virus TI.

all works ok, except the sending of CCs was causing issues, as these CCs are used by the TI for other purposes. So I decided to use M4L to filter them out.

when I did this, I started getting instability in the note pitch (a constant rapid vibrato)

when I slide to a new note, I noticed this instability was not there, and found a pattern (U=unstable, S=stable)


(regardless of starting note, bend range etc... and its hardly affected by lowering the data rate)

odd, so starting on a C instability, slide to D stable. but then start on D its unstable, and you an slide back to C and its stable. (i.e. its the pitchbend values)

Initially I assumed it was the virus, but then noticed, if I don't have the Max device, it was absolutely fine.

so i tried in Max directly, if I send midi data directly thru, no issue, but if pitchbends are 'parsed' eg. midiin to midiparse to midiformat to midiout, the data gets 'garbled'

ok, so I thought, its a max issue...
so plugged in my Eigenharp, no issue at all (its every bit as sensitive, and if anything has faster data rates)

So, it 'appears' (I did say it was odd :o) ) to be some combination of the soundplane software + max,
my only 'guess' (having looked at the midi data), is that the soundplane software seems to be 'beating' between a few values even when your finger is still, and I wonder if this rapid changes is causing issues in max. (Perhaps EigenD smooths it, Id need to check the code)

But I kind of thought thats what vibrato would do, kind of smooth out the data a bit?
(my usual settings are 0.5, bend range +/-24)


I've never seen anything like this.

How many touches are active in the Soundplane software? Does this affect the pattern of weird notes?

In general, when a Max patch is in the mix, there's not much I can suggest without seeing the patch. There are just too many ways Max can be messing up...

Just one touch, Ive not tried with more touches.

Max patch, simple notein->noteout bendin->bendout

thats it, there is no processing going on.
i get the same if i do midin -> midiparse -> midiformat-> midiout (and connect note and pb only)

as I say its odd, if instead i do midiin->midiout , it works fine, including pitchbends

Im sure some how, the TI is a factor, as I don't see it with VSTs, but as i say, I cannot really blame it, as it doesnt do it when max is not processing the messages, and max doesnt do it when I use the eigenharp.

I suppose Id need to see exactly what PBs are being sent by SP software.

a question, if you are using quantise, and vibrato at 0.5, how much movement is required before a pitchbend should be sent?

Im assuming different levels of vibrato, some compress the X movement of the signal, such that small movements are ignored?

Any movement at all will result in a pitch change if vibrato is > 0. In other words there is no "dead zone." The vibrato amount scales the amount of the pitch change.