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Ive been trying to use Aalto and Kaivo with a sustain pedal (CC 64) and I'm having issues with notes sometimes being stuck on.
It seems to be worst if you go over the voice count, but it also happens sometimes when this is not the case.

Ive put a midi monitor in front of Kaivo/Aalto and I can clearly see CC 64 = 0 is being sent to it.

(its very easy to reproduce as it happens pretty frequently)

related, Id really like to be able to hold sustain when using the soundplane over OSC,
how could this be achieved?


I'll check out this issue.

I guess there could be a sustain message over t3d?


yeah, /t3d/sustain could work for me :o) I could then easily support this in EigenD.

I could also look into changing the soundplane app, to be able to listen on a midi port, to allow for some pedal inputs, that could then be routed over OSC for synths.
(the 'issue' here being, how do musicians get their midi pedals to work alongside the soundplane
when using aalto/kaivo)

currently in eigenD I've done something similar for t3d for breath etc
e.g. I have the messages
/t3d/breath float
/t3d/strip1 float
/t3d/strip2 float
/t3d/pedal1 float
/t3d/pedal2 float
/t3d/pedal3 float
/t3d/pedal4 float

( I configured these in the soundplane app as zones for use with the soundplane to EigenD for use with t3dInput , and I also output these on my t3doutput agent)

I think the most common 'additional' inputs used are:

  • sustain

  • breath

  • expression

(I guess there are other 'pedals' for things like hold, legato etc)

I guess the 'issue' for Aalto/Kaivo is only sustain has a known function,
where as the others would all need outputs on device section, so we could route them appropriately. (Id settle for breath and expression :o) )

I know we also talked about automation names over OSC, which is also useful,
but its not as useful, as its not saved per patch, and I can also do this routing by using the plugins automation, a simple M4L device could do this.

I know lots of 'ideas', but id settle for sustain working over midi, and some way of getting sustain when using the soundplane for now

but of course I don't want to delay you getting 1.6 out... as think there are quite a few waiting for it.

I'll save this for post 1.6 then.