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My latest video is the start of a series where Im going to show how you can use EigenD to build a modular synth, with full per note expression.
part 1 goes from the basics... and we then get more serious and fruity

You Tube link

Im using the Soundplane as my controller, as its great for this... but techniques are applicable to all controllers.
Soundplane Im using t3d osc, but you can also use midi (including voice per channel.

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part 2 up, getting fruity... again using the soundplane
EigenD : Modular Synth part2

part 3 is up... thats the last of the basics
this rounds of this 'section', covering sub oscillator, LFO for PWM, and envelopes.. and a bit of FM.
From here, it will be less regular, and will concentrate on more complex patches and techniques, and integrating things in perhaps unexpected ways.
EigenD : Modular Synth part3

Note: Link to downloads and documentation in youtube description of each video

It's great to see this link between the Soundplane and EigenD! Thanks.

Thanks, I hope to be doing more over time.
Currently doing more stuff with Reaktor, which is also fun.. pity its OSC implementation is broken, Im still trying to 'perfect' the multi touch handling with Reaktor.

Ive also order a few Axoloti boards, which I will be using for voice per channel for both my Eigenharp and Soundplane ... very excited by this prospect.