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Greetings from Myanmar ,

I am trying to divide the Soundplane into two zones and two midi channels. I suppose the "channel" is for midi channel.

It does not work, it is only sending on channel one both "zones" .
What am I doing wrong ?

Here is the script :


"zone": {
    "type": "note_row",
    "name": "zone_1",
    "channel": 1,
    "note": 70,

    "rect": [0, 0, 14, 5]
"zone": {
    "type": "note_row",
    "name": "zone_2",
    "channel": 2,
    "note": 100,
             "rect":    [14, 0, 16, 5]


thank you


channel property only works for "controllers" not note_rows.

would be nice for splits, but would only work for non-multichannel setups.

This could be just an oversight. I guess that the channel for a note row can override the overall channel set by the UI dial.

Thank you so much for you answer`s.

It would be great if in the future software version there is a possibility to choose the note_raw channel.

I know and used the multi_chan option but having the possibility to assign the channels for splits will make things much clearer.

have a nice day