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I didn't see a topic for linking to new samples so I'll just paste some links here. If anyone can't get dropbox links let me know and I'll email them to you or something. All of these are made from scratch and are free for anyone to use for any reason.

So first off here are a few 4 chan .wav files I made to do some soundscape type things.

These are some more multisamples in the same general vein as the last. Most of these are recorded with my zoom h6 and a few contact mics. I have pulled from these recordings a few times for washes etc. All of these loop pretty good.

Thanks for sharing! These are a very good starting point for building your own multichannel sample library.
Quick question: which audio editor were you using to combine mono audio tracks to one multichannel audio file? Audacity?

I did these in sound forge, but I've done it in audacity too. The easiest way I found to make the multichannel wav files is to open one of the original samples and paste mono tracks over that. It was so much easier to replace the original 4 tracks than it was to make a file from scratch (it seemed to have errors from sound forge).

Thanks for checking them out, I will keep posting whatever multi samples I come up with here.

Thanx... I've just downloaded them.. Finally broke down and bought Kaivo, used the demo for a while.. But I'm getting much further ahead, cause I can now save and build on the patches..

Thanks for checking them out. Uploaded a few more.

Many thanks for these inductive.:-)

Thank you....

Mark Styles