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I'm wondering if there is any documentation for the serial protocol? I'm talking with someone about a potential used purchase as I've been considering adding support for the soundplane to my eurorack module... (the nw2s::b)

I've recently added support for a couple of USB devices including the monome and a gamepad. They went well, and now that I've got the USB host code basically worked out, I'd really like to include this guy for some easy computer-less soundplane-modular goodness.

I assume most folk work at the OSC or MIDI level, so that the only people who needed the raw USB protocol were the original programmers.

I'm also curious if there are any version differences between the different runs. The monome has some significant hardware capability changes from version to version. This seems a bit more consistent, but I thought I'd ask.



I was away from this thread for a long time, but it is great to see the two of you helping each other out on these platforms. I will soon be working on a Cortex M4 implementation running a lot slower than 1 GHz, so I may need to focus on optimization. Thanks for sharing all of your notes as you worked!