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I was just playing around with Aalto and Kaivo in Logic X, and the latency is pretty terrible.. I'd estimate 80-100 ms. My audio buffer is set to 32 samples, and other synths have practically imperceptible latency.

Actually, scratch that.

Things are just straight weird in Logic X on Yosemite. Some patches won't play reliably (or at all) via OSC, but play fine with MIDI output from soundplane.

Latency is hit or miss. It's reliably fine when triggered via MIDI from soundplane, but unreliable via OSC.

It's been probably more than a year since I played with Aalto + Soundplane in Logic, but I remember it being weird before... is this just not a good combo? Or is Yosemite introducing weirdness?

FWIW, I tried it in AU Lab, and OSC input isn't detected at all.

I'm sure randy will be along soon, but I had a little play to see if I could reproduce,
as i use LPX and couldn't remember any issue

Im using with LPX on 10.9.4, aalto (i could try kaivo, but i have no reason to believe its different)

with OSC on my Eigenharp, I don't notice any appreciable latency, so unlikely to be above 1-2ms, certainly not 80ms...
(I've used this before with both aalto and kaivo and not had issues)

the osc latency is not really possible to time, but I tried with midi
i created a midi track , used a kick on 1st beat then directed that to an audio channel,
that showed no latency, in fact if anything it showed negative latency.
(PDC mismatch?)

I also tested in AULab, and no issue.

I wonder if for OSC you have your networks seutp correct?
I don't have access to a soundplane or yosemite (I keep my music machine on only proven releases), but perhaps an issue with soundplane software rather than aalto/kaivo?

one thing i did have odd with LPX/Aalto
I did get into a state where Aalto was ignoring first few bars of notes, I know thats sounds weird.... basically start transport and wasn't until bar 4 the notes would come thru as sound. I replaced aalto with another plugin, to check it wasn't me/lpx being stupid... and it immediately worked. I then put aalto back, and it was fine. (so obviously a fresh aalto instance fixed it)
The only thing i wonder about, is originally on the 'bad instance' id being used OSC, and then switched to midi.... aalto did switch (osc message gone etc), but I'm wondering if it was in an odd state.

@copernikit, there may be a couple of things at play here. Let's separate the OSC issue out first.

The OSC outputs from the KEY module are not compatible with the MIDI outputs. This is by design because the Soundplane over OSC just puts out different kinds of data. So you can't plug in a Soundplane and get anything out of an arbitrary preset. You could have a situation where the ENV is triggering but the pressure from OSC is coming out in place of a gate, and things sound weird and delayed.

Here's a zip of Aalto presets for Soundplane:

Now, regarding latency, once in a while I have seen Aalto in Logic go into a mode where latency is just horrible, 1/2 second or something. It happens very rarely, and remaking the plugin instance seems to take care of it. I don't know if this is a Logic problem or what and haven't been able to track it down yet.

There is a known fixed latency in Aalto 1.5 of 256 samples. I have reduced this to 64 samples in the 1.6 version coming out soon. The reason it's there is because in a patchable, modular synth with feedback you need some kind of latency to implement patching.

Also there is an issue in 1.5 with playback timing, fixed in 1.6. But it sounds like you are just talking about playing live.

I haven't tried Yosemite yet, but getting Logic + Apple's latest + my plugins running smoothly is always a high priority so it should work. People seem to be saying things work well overall. As soon as I can get Aalto 1.6 out, I will upgrade here and then do more testing myself.

Thanks for the help!

I just had a chance to get back in and test things again, and you are totally right about the presets.

As far as the latency goes, I'm still seeing significant latency via OSC that doesn't exist when using MIDI from the Soundplane.

Actually, n/m, I just switched it back to OSC from MIDI, and now the latency is fine. Didn't even re-instantiate the plugin.


Anyways, seems like it's probably a Logic thing?

I can say that OSC works fine with Supercollider, same as it did prior to the upgrade. No perceptible latency.

Thanks again!

Well, I will still have to check out the Yosemite performance soon, but I'm very relieved to hear that there are no serious issues now.

Yes, I have only had Logic do that thing with occasional OSC latency. As OSC is system-wide the problem could be elsewhere, but something Logic is causing somehow.