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been exploring creating aalto with the eigenharps expressive side, just a bit of a noodle really.

Eigenharp with Aalto

Im really enjoying the aalto/eigenharp combo, its very easy to very immersed in for hours.

details: aalto, my own patch (dark eigen), connected via OSC (t3d) using my EigenD soundplane agent.

its really the start of an exploratory piece, which i hope to build upon.

a few things, I'm hoping aalto/kaivo will add to help me are:

  • more controller support, so I can add breath input ( and possibly strips)

  • more voices (because its legato I'm stuck with about 3 usable voices, 4th is overlapped, so get too much stealing... id like at least one more :))

  • separate OSC ports for kaivo / aalto, so i can play a split with kaivo and aalto, I've got some ideas on the kaivo side now :)

Very cool! I'm glad you're using the OSC capabilities from somewhere other than Soundplane---that is a huge deal. Keep the feedback coming and I'll do what I can to support.